Quality Policy

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Quality Policy

1. Mission Statement

The Company aims to achieve the global leadership through continuous and sustainable R&Ds. To achieve this, consistency in high quality manufacturing through strict standardization of processes shall be ensured, and global competitiveness and trustworthiness through continuous price rationalization and competition shall be maintained in order to return customers’ loyalty for the Company. The Company shall also satisfy its customers to the full with on-time delivery to their requirements through strict and thorough product inspections.

2. Organization

3. Quality Policy

  • The Policy of Company is to delivery parts at the right price, to the right quality
  • This means that we will consistently work to QCD(Quality, Cost, Delivery) Principles by Constantly measuring ourselves and improving against these metrics.
  • By doing this we will continue to be the preferred supplier in this product range globally to some of the worlds leading companies.

4. Quality Management System

SNC has established its quality management system in order to design, development and sales of products with control of outsourced production.

5. Scope

5-1. General

This Quality manual regulates the quality management system of SNC Company. The system requirements specified in this manual include not only providing the complied products but also meeting with the customer requirements. In the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction friendly company, the system also includes with the continuous improvement and nonconformity prevention. This manual needs to be revised for the organization’s quality management system to reflect customer requirements at all processes and to achieve customer satisfaction.

5-2. Scope of this manual

This Quality Manual is based on ISO 9001:2008 quality management system requirements. The scope is within Plumbing fitting with design, development, manufacturing and service.

6. Normative References

ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems

7. Terms and Definitions

Any term related to quality management system used in this manual follows the terms and definition of international standards such as ISO 9001:2008. The definition of terms for this integrated manual is limited to the terms in quality management system, If there is necessity to use any term, which is not stated in the relevant international standards, the self-defined term should be utilized. All terms and definitions used within SNC Company QMS are in agreement with those supplied in the normative references.

8. Exclusions

7-5-4 Customer’s Equity

9. QM Process Flow Chart

10. Standard for application

The following international standards were utilized to make this quality manual, this manual and relevant documents shall be necessarily revised when the work improvement and international standard’s revision are considered.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System – TABLE

The following international standards were utilized to make this quality manual, this manual and relevant documents shall be necessarily revised when the work improvement and international standard’s revision are considered.

NO Item Document No Revision No Rev Date
Quality Management System
1 General (Documentation requirement) SQP-421 1 Nov-19. 2009
2 Control of document/data SPC-423 1 Nov-20. 2009
3 Control of quality records SPC-424 2 Feb-26. 2010
Management responsibility
4 Customer focus SPC-520 3 Nov-03. 2011
5 Management planning SPC-542 2 Feb-05.2013
6 Responsibility and authority SPC-551 3 Jun-17. 2011
7 Management review SPC-560 2 Nov-20. 2009
Resource management
8 Competence, awareness and training SPC-622 2 Nov-20. 2009
9 Infrastructure SPC-630 5 Jan-03. 2013
Product realization
10 Determination of requirements related to the product SPC-721 2 Nov-20. 2009
11 Customer communication SPC-723 2 Nov-20. 2009
12 Design and development Affairs SPC-730 3 May-18. 2010
13 Control of Mold SPC-731 3 Apr-12. 2012
14 Approval / Change notive management SPC-732 1 Nov-20. 2009
15 control of drawing SQP-733 2 Aug-12. 2013
16 Purchasing process SPC-741 5 Feb-15. 2013
17 Control of Outsourcing contractors SPC-742 0 Nov-20. 2009
18 Control of suppliers SPC-743 0 Nov-20. 2009
19 Control of production and service provision SPC-751 4 Aug-09. 2011
20 Control of injection process SPC-752 3 Apr-29. 2013
21 Identification and tractability SQP-753 0 June-10. 2008
22 Preservation of product SPC-755 2 Nov-20. 2009
23 Control of materials SPC-756 2 Nov-20. 2009
24 Control of measuring device SPC-760 2 Nov-20. 2009
25 Special appointment affair SQI-830 2 Nov-19. 2012
26 Control of inventory SPC-766 4 Feb-22. 2013
27 Injection work instruction SPI-100 0 Feb-15. 2011
28 Assembly work instruction SPI-200 1 Jun-09.2011
29 Packing work instruction SPI-300 1 Sep-18. 2012
30 Filter work instruction SPI-400 1 Jan-30. 2013
Product realization
31 Internal audit SPC-822 2 Nov-20. 2009
32 Monitoring and measurement of process SQP-823 0 June-10. 2008
33 Monitoring and measurement of product SPC-824 6 Feb-15. 2013
34 Control of nonconforming product SPC-830 3 Nov-07. 2011
35 Analysis of data / continual improvement SQP-840 0 June-10. 2008
36 Corrective/Preventive Action SPC-852 1 Nov-20. 2009

11. Revisions

This will be applied when the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 or organization’s quality management system is changed.

Rev Section Sub-Sec Part Change Date Authorized by
0 All All All Original Issue 10/06/2008 Nicholas Choi
1 5 ISO9001:2000 ISO9001:2008 22/09/2009 Nicholas Choi
2 10 Quality management
System – Table
SQP → SPC 16/11/2009 Nicholas Choi
3 20 Added injection process 03/08/2011 Nicholas Choi
4 KPI Sales Parts Changes 04/11/2011 Nicholas Choi
5 Factory transfer 11/03/2013 Nicholas Choi

※ This manual shall be issued, revision and distributed after top management approves.
And the manual is effective from Nov-16. 2009